The goods arrived late? Contact the JNE call center the following way!

If you often use JNE missions, you just need to contact the JNE call center when you have problems delivering goods. JNE itself is actually a company founded in 1990 serving the public in matters of customs services, especially imports.

This shipping and logistics company is actually very famous in Indonesia and is often used as one of the best options for online buying and selling transactions. JNE’s products and services are also very diverse ranging from JNE Express to JNE Logistics to JNE Freight.

If youshop online, at check-out, you’ll usually be asked to choose an item delivery excursion. There are a lot of e-commerce companies that use JNE’s exploratory services because they’re experienced and rarely have problems, so you always use JNE, don’t you?

Then what if the goods do not arrive suddenly even though they have exceeded the estimated delivery time? In addition to contacting the JNE call center , you can first do online tracking to find out where the goods are. But in this article, we will already discuss ways to communicate with CS JNE.

Check receipts using other sites

When you shop online, you can usually see the receipt number listed and you can check the receipt number. Although in fact in e-commerce, it has been noted that the process of sending goods has reached where and others.

But sometimes there are some obstacles that cause tracking on the receipt number not to be updated in e-commerce. From there you can check using the official JNE website.  However  , if the official site has not been updated or you have technical problems, you can use other sites to check receipts.

Some sites are check recommended receipts for use, i.e. by going to the home page of the site then typing the receipt on your package, clicking enter and then following the following instructions. Your package status will appear or you can also check other sites such as:

  1. com
  2. id
  3. com

If you check different receipt verification sites but are still unable to see your package status update, you can contact the JNE call center.  There are many ways you can make complaints or just look for information about delivering parcels.

You can do this in several ways to communicate directly with JNE customer service, i.e. through the listed email address, and to connect to JNE accounts on social media and through the hotline service or phone number provided. In fact, you can also visit ask Joni’s page to come directly to the head office.

Contact JNE call centre via email

This method is often implemented because it is simpler because you also don’t need to spend a lot of money. So you just need to send an email to JNE’s official email address, which is about the complaint you want to send and the advice is to send it in the right format.

When you send an email, don’t leave the subject section blank, the correct format is the subject of the content with a complaint for example a “problematic package” and then in the email text fill out a clear description or explanation of the problem you are experiencing. We recommend using a list of what obstacles are so that CS can easily understand them.

In the description section, don’t forget to attach the recipient’s name, sender’s name and your active mobile number. You can also attach a picture if it is really necessary as proof that you are already having problems with the package sent. So you don’t have to call the  JNE call center  on the hotline service, you can do it by email first.

After sending the email, you just need to wait for a reply fromc usto mer service where the duration depends on the queue. This may be within a few minutes, your email can be read immediately and answered by the administrator. You may also have to wait a few hours or a few days.

Private messages through JNE social media accounts

In addition to the method mentioned above, i.e. sending a complaint through the listed email address, you can also send a message via JNE social media. But first make sure that the message to JNE’s social media is actually her official social media account. In fact, complaints through social media accounts are said to be faster than email.

JNE’s official social media accounts are Facebook, @JNEpusat, Twitter, @JNE_id, Instagram @jne_id. Keep in mind that the JNE call center on social media accounts consists  of three accounts, namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so the rest opens up JNE’s official social media accounts so you have to be careful.

Moreover, there has recently been huge growth in the name of some companies or missions. So really make sure that your social media account is JNE’s official account to minimize unwanted events. Then how to send a complaint through a social media account?

Just send a message to an official social media account and the format can be equated with sending a complaint via email. You need to attach the sender’s name, recipient name, receipt number, and mobile phone number that is still active and provide some explanations about issues that occur.

Access to JNE Call Center on Ask Johnny

The next option is through the Ask Johnny page.  This  site is  a special page already provided by JNE so that customers or customers can move problems more easily.

  1. The first step is to open a ask Johnny page in
  2. Then you can fill in the required data such as name, address and mobile phone number
  3. In the theme column, you can select customer service
  4. In the message column, you can fill out or tell complaints that are encountered
  5. Then click send a message

As when contacting the call center service via email or j&t social media account, also make sure you enter the receipt number, sender’s name and recipient’s name so JNE can track or verify the location of the package. With regard to the reply from ask Joni, you can get a response from the mobile phone number that has been entered.

That’s why in the mobile number column, fill in the number that is still active or the number used when sending the package to make it easier for JNE to connect again. In fact, apart from the above methods, you can also contact the JNE call center through the hotline service or make a direct call.

JNE’s hotline number is 021 29278888 where you can call the number and wait for the operator to answer the call and then press the extension button to call the processing department. Then you can communicate in both directions through the hotline service.

Unfortunately, why is the hotline service rarely used because if you make a direct call to the listed number, a phone charge can be charged depending on the provider used. Tidak wonders whether consumers prefer to complain to jne call center via email or social media accounts.

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